LED Light Fila Pink Black White Light Weight Sport Shoe (size 21-30)
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Brand GM Kids Hub
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Size: (inner)

21 (13.5cm)
22 (14cm)
23 (14.5cm)
24 (15cm)
25 (15.5cm)
26  (16cm)
27 (16.5cm)
28 (17cm)
29 (17.5cm)
30 (18cm)


Sweet Reminder:

To avoid buying the wrong shoe size, Please measure your kid feet size in cm. 
If feet size 15cm, can buy shoe size 25 (15.5cm) or size 26 (16cm).

** NOT EVERY SHOE HAS THE SAME INNER SIZE, inner size may be vary in different pattern and shoe type. 
** DO NOT get the measurement from the shoe sole. 
** Shoe insole mesurement doesn't same with foot length.


We encourage customer to contact us by Whatapps 016-6029895, if you have any doubt on the size or want to know more detail on this shoe. We are happy to get your enquiry and feedback.